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Project Management 

  • Is your project not running well?
  • Thinking about starting a project, but want guidance?
  • Want to educate your organization about projects?

Our Project Management specialist takes on big and small assignments

Not sure what you need, or what it might cost?

  • Just contact us, we will not charge you anything while we together figure out what could bring the most value to your organization

Critical Chain - a performance boost for any project

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), which should not be confused with the "Critical Path Method" was created by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt.

The purpose was to address many of the worst issues associated with traditional project management. 

CCPM is based on Goldratt's "Theory of Constraint", a ground breaking philosophy for how to run and improve an organization.

CCPM introduces easy-to-implement techniques, to solve many of the inherent problems with the traditional project management methods.

Fully implemented, CCPM shortens project time, without putting extra stress on team members and while maintaining high quality.

Our Critical Chain services 

We teach Critical Chain and manage projects according to the Critical Chain PM model.

We are available for everything from one-hour overview of the concepts to managing big and small projects according to CCPM model

Please call us or use the contact form to learn more about education and implementation of  Critical Chain in your projects.

Please also see our other services and packages below.

Good links to get a first overview

Theory of Constraint basics on the founder's web site

Short intro to Critical-Chain on the founder's web site

Critical Chain on Wikipedia

Project Management Services & Packages

Project Management Services

  • Management of whole projects
  • Fixed price packages: Education
    Project analysis 
  • Project health check up: "where are we now and where do we go next" 
  • Implementation of suggested improvements 
  • Project support on hourly basis

Educational Packages 

  • Critical Chain Project Management - real magic for any project!
  • Project management overview & key concepts
  • What is a project? What is not a project?
  • Different methodologies - which to use in which situation?
  • Key success factors to project work
  • Agile vs. waterfall
  • Agile working methods:
    * in running business
    * in product development
    * in projects
  • Risk Management

 Analysis Packages

Project Doctor  

  • Analyze your project
  • Find areas to improve 
  • Interview project stakeholders
  • Go through documentation
  • Outcome: Report with recommendations and their estimated benefits

Creating plans and project documentation 

  • Project charter / initiation
  • Project management plan
  • Risk management plan 

Requirements Engineering

  • Understandable, unambiguous and correct requirements are critical in making sure that the system you are about to build or purchase lives up to its expectations.

  • Our REQB certified Requirements Engineer has a passion for uncovering the true needs of organizations and stakeholders. 
  • He helps you figure out which of your needs will lead to the greatest business value if they are fulfilled

  • We can work with your organization in different ways:
  • educate your coworkers
  • improve quality of your existing requirements
  • advise on best practices and areas of improvement
  • advise on which requirements management system to implement
  • manage the full requirements management process:
  • eliciting, documenting, improving, verifying and handing over requirements

IT services

  • Manage sourcing of new IT systems:
  • Document your requirements
  • Create Request For Proposals
  • Review proposals
  • Advise on best practices for implementation and roll out